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Find Degrassi’s and other cast members’ Snapcodes here.

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F2N continues their 20 Questions vlog series with Soma Bhatia.

Previously: Sara Waisglass | Ricardo Hoyos | Ana Golja

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All interviews include spoilers.

Amanda Arcuri and Stefan Brogren appeared on eTalk yesterday to discuss Lola’s upcoming storyline.

Linda Schyluer and Amanda were also interviewed about her storyline by The Canadian Press.

“We’re very much influenced by what’s going on in the world, there’s no question. When this season comes on air, in the very first episode, we (also) see that ‘Degrassi’ is welcoming Syrian refugees.”

Read the full interview here.

Ana Golja and Soma Bhatia appeared on ET Canada to discuss the bus crash aftermath and the new characters joining the show.

Executive Producer Sarah Glinski spoke with TV, Eh? on what to expect in season three and Rasha and Saad.

Can you talk about the new characters that are joining Degrassi this season?
We have two new characters and they’re Syrian refugees in Rasha and Saad. Rasha is very cosmopolitan, from the big city, speaks English and is very well-educated. She missed out on high school because of the war and wants to grab high school by the reins and is excited to be here, wants to be part of every club and make new friends. She lives her life vicariously through movies and TV.

Saad is from a smaller town and his English isn’t as good. Life is a little bit harder for him and we take a look at his experience as well.

Read the full interview here.

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DHX released a new promo photo and two episode stills from #WorstGiftEver and #HugeIfTrue.

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Along with the episode stills, they released a description for #WorstGiftEver which mentions a previously unreleased subplot: (Spoilers under the cut)

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Entertainment Weekly released an extended trailer for season 3 of Next Class today. Check it out on their website here or watch it above on Degrassi’s YouTube Channel.

Season three premieres January 6th on the Family Channel App or familygo.ca in Canada and on Netflix worldwide (excluding Australia and Canada)

The new season will broadcast on Family Channel in Canada weeknights at 10PM EST/PST starting January 9th. Episodes will likely be available for Canadians without Family Channel on f2n.ca after they air.

If you’re using the Family Channel app or familygo.ca for the first time, you will have to change your parental settings to access F2N. Click settings or the gear icon, and then check F2N in the “Parental Controls” menu.

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