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Ana Golja and Dalia Yegavian discuss Zasha and their favorite scene in season three. Jamie Bloch talks about Hunter and Yael and her thoughts on friends turned significant others.

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Spencer Macpherson and Jamie Bloch discuss what it was like filming those scenes from #Unsubscribe. Amanda Arcuri talks about Lola’s abortion storyline from #IRegretNothing and its importance.

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Degrassi continues its The Sitch webseries with two more videos. Ricardo Hoyos and Chelsea Clark talk about slut shaming and Esme’s storyline in #WokeUpLikeThis Reiya Downs discusses periods and Shay’s storyline in #WorstGiftEver.

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Richard Walters appeared in the first vlog for Degrassi’s new vlog series, The Sitch, where he discusses his thoughts on Lola and Shay’s storyline in #BreakTheInternet Jamie Bloch is featured in the second vlog, where she talks about Yael’s make up storyline.

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