June 23rd, 2017   Cast News, Off Set With... No Comments

Degrassi released eight new Off Set videos today over on their YouTube channel. Follow Andre Kim, Amanda Arcuri, Eric Osborne, Reiya Downs, Dante Scott, Soma Bhatia, Parham Rownaghi, and Dalia Yegavian on a day in their lives and get to know a little about their families, their favorite foods, and their hobbies. All eight videos and previous Off Sets can be found in the playlist below.

May 7th, 2016   Off Set With... No Comments

Degrassi concluded its Off Set series with two videos following Jamie Bloch and Sara Waisglass. First up, Jamie Bloch, who plays Yael in Next Class, meets up with her friends to go kickboxing. She later joins her family for a Shabbat dinner. The second video follows Sara Waisglass as she meets up with Degrassi alum Sarah Fisher for some crepes, introduces her family, and goes horseback riding.

April 17th, 2016   Off Set With... No Comments

Amir Bageria stars in the latest Off Set, where he gives a tour of his house and plays some hockey with his friends.

April 9th, 2016   Off Set With... No Comments

The latest Off Set video follows Ricardo Hoyos as he takes a roadtrip to his hometown of Alliston, Ontario to surprise his family.

February 17th, 2016   Off Set With... No Comments

Degrassi has continued its Off Set series this month with two more videos. The third video follows Richard Walters as he shows off his dance skills at The Underground Dance Centre, and performs his original music on stage in front of a live audience. Amanda Arcuri and Amir Bageria stopped by to cheer him on. You can check out more of Richard’s music on his Soundcloud here. The fourth video

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